TTI Motorsports proudly present our Stage 1 and Stage 2 ECU calibrations for the latest 8AR-FTS engines for Lexus vehicles. We have gone through countless hours and miles to ensure the performance and longevity of our software. Boost level has been increased by 0.2-0.3 bar from factory setting to achieve better performance. Parameters such as, ignition timing and air-fuel ratio have also been recalibrated to work in conjunction with the raised boost pressure.


The TTi 8AR-FTS Stage1 & 2 advantages :

1. Increased throttle response

2. Air-fuel ratio optimization

3. Recalibrated ignition timing

4. Optimization of VVT-i timing

5. Transmission shift points optimization. (TCU option)

6. Optimization of detonation control

7. Factory speed limit removed

8. Water-cooled intercooler pump actuation adjustment for optimal cooling